Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Persuasive Project Brief "CLEANING SUPPLIES"

User Experience
The “Persuasive”
Project Brief
“Cleaning Supplies”


ACME is launching a new line of Cleaning products that contains all natural or environmentally safe ingredients. This new line of cleaning products will generate a visually engaging brand identity that will distinguish itself from others and persuade consumers passing-by to pick up this product off the shelf and purchase it on the basis of a clearly communicated label of efficiency and organically progressive contents.

Product Line:

All purpose liquid spray cleaner

Cleaning disposable wipes

All purposed powdered cleaner

Biodegradable sponge (additional option)

Disinfectant Spray (additional option)

Cleansing tablets. (additional option)

I'm going design the three above and one additional option.

Target Audience:

The target audience or demographic that ACME’s marketing team wants to advertise to is primarily Men. Statistics show that women do most of the household chores, which include cleaning; this marketing strategy will visually adhere to the interests of men aging from 18-45 years old.

Initial observations:

Project -
Current trends in the marketplace reflect the scenario above with the intentions that this new product branding problem is focused on the new green movement of being environmentally responsible to a certain degree. I have also considered that this branding solution must be visually engaging enough to promote a sense of efficiency, authority, and uniqueness from any other label on the current market. Sustainability of package in relation to the contents’ shelf-life is also one of the biggest considerations within this project. The entire brand must present a sense of consistency throughout its entire line to promote an image of competency, consistency, and visual stimulation.

Current trends and products -
There are a lot of similar color palettes full of bright blues, greens, oranges, and yellows.
The typefaces all appear to have the same formula of san serif bold fonts. The packaging itself is very conservative and falls more towards the boring practical instead of the exciting functional. The brands that I;ve seen that are starting to change these formulated looks are Method, Meyers, Pledge, and Febreeze.

Proposed Strategy:

I am going to approach this product with the considerations of how effective the product is on bacteria, grime, general messes in relevance to the “all natural” qualities, and also the interests of the target audience of men and sustainability.

My first thoughts were along the lines of a Coleman Camping feel; the outdoors promotes a sense of organics and environmental activity and also is something that the audience is quite responsive to. This tone will differ greatly from what is currently on the shelves: the bright obvious colors, organic random shapes, and dense typefaces.

I was going to use icons such as Bears, rugged mountains, intimidating mountain lions, etc to enforce the sense of how bold, strong, and dominant these cleaning products have over their bacterial enemies.

A G.I. product line that runs parallel to the responsibility of being environmentally safe and aware. Or maybe a sense of propaganda = this product is the only way to defeat and rise-up against dirt and grime.

Using a more industrial/military approach. Using textures of weapons/grenades to show that these products will destroy dirt and bacteria. Maybe also specific symbols of military insignia to create a sense of authority. Bold heavy typefaces to reinforce that.

Just a few ideas so far.

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