Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reveal the Practical

The concept behind this instructional manual to replace a bicycle tire, came from IKEA. Broadcasting their products in so many different countries and languages, the Ikea assembly manuals are completely illustrative to break all cultural and lingual barriers. Through the use of composing image and helpful details & arrows, the Ikea company is one of the greatest examples of "practical" that we know of.

From this project my groups greatest challenge of communicating the "practical," was communicating it through image and in a very portable & accommodating format that is easy to hold or set down.
Our concept was to produce a two sided card (5"x8") that served as a purely illustrative instruction guide on how to replace a flat bicycle tire. We've created a very direct title, "How to Change a Bike Tire," to adhere more to the essence of the definition of practical: of or pertaining to the practice of action, stripped of unnecessary information or activity. Producing a product along these lines, we thought a simple title that had an ill defined narrative or a non-exaggerated narrative would focus on the directions and make the novice break free of confusion and intimidation. The back side of the card is solely dedicated to the diagrams, which are highlighted with red diagramatic arrows to replace text-instructions. The front of the card is dedicated to the title and a legend of iconic tools that will be needed for the task. Keeping with the illustrative narrative, the title is placed within a medallion containment which shows a bicycle and is shaped to resemble the U.S. Interstate Highway Systems' signage. The color choice of red and a blue-green was used almost as a complimentary color palette that we could use to easily distinguish actions and objects within the instructional diagrams; through chroma and different tints.

Project Overview:

1 two-side 5"x8" card

1 promotional 32"x20" poster (anatomy of a bicycle)

1 envelope to package everything

2 PMS colors: red & green

2 typefaces: Big Noodling and BlairMD

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