Saturday, January 29, 2011

Research Experiments: Round 1

I've just initiated my first round of research experiments. The objective is to get real responses and information for the design department to see: who really needs this type of tool/campaign, how people combat stress, and how much information they know about stress reduction and their current heart condition.

Experiment 01: Questionnaire and statistic survey - Data collection

 Healthy Hearts/Reducing Stress: Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions as honestly as you possibly can by typing your answer below each question and email them back to me, thank you!

1) Do you ever feel stressed being in graphic design?

2) Which facets/elements stress you out? ex: deadlines, amount of work, subject matter, anything.

3) Did you know that emotional dis'stress' effects your heart and cripples your nervous system and blood flow?

4) What do you currently do to keep a healthy lifestyle? ex: exercise (running, weight-lifting, yoga), diet/nutrition (what are you eating).

5) What do you love to do outside of design? ex: play guitar, hiking, throwing squirrels at school buses.

6) Why don't you participate is certain exercise routines? ex; time consuming, not credible, already think you're healthy enough.

7) Why don't you participate in certain nutrition diets?

8) Would you like to take a break from your stressful lifestyle/daily routine?

9) If you had a psychological exercise routine that wasn't time consuming would you participate in it?

10) Hypothetically, if you liked playing guitar and found out there was a way for you to reduce stress and physically strengthen your heart by playing more guitar, would you try it?

11) Do you think the creative field is more stressful that others?

12) Would you like a list of 'stress reduction' tips that would cater to your preferences and daily routine?

Experiment 02: Interactive poster - Persona Test and Participation Call

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