Sunday, January 30, 2011

5 Points Towards a New Architecture: Concept

Abigail and I are proposing a simulation of one of his buildings inside of the space. We want to build a miniature "house" inside of the space with the ground floor on the first floor of the gallery and the upstairs gallery space will be used as the upper level of the "house" and the outside garden. Each section of the "house" will contain a blurb about why things are the way they are. AR will be used to enrich the experience of being "inside" or "outside" one of his houses (possibly such as seeing through a "window" to the "outside" while you're "inside the house."

The wall space will house text and supplemental information about materials, historical progression that led up to his 5 Points, etc. Right now this persuasive concept revolves around augmented reality. Every guest in Le Cobusiers' house of Villa Savoye will receive a hand held device acting as Corbusiers iconic glasses. You will look through the eyes of Cobusier and see an exaggerated metaphor/narrative of his famous 5 Points. For example, when discussing point #1, the Supports, when viewing actual exhibit pillar structures throughout the gallery, your hand held device will show you the augmented reality of an exaggerated support system, maybe a bunch of strong body builders holding up the building or the house resting upon the backs of elephants. The other points exaggerated features will consist of: 2 - rooftop gardens = in the middle of the rain forrest and utilizing nature at your finger tips, 3 - free designing floor plan = being in the middle of the ocean or a desert/open modular space, 4 - horizontal windows = gazing into the sun with the amount of light let in, and 5 - free design of facade = over hang and freedom to look over an entire city if you want do to the strong supports.

The AR could be interchangeable to which you would see through the hand held device (see the exaggeration or see the structure as is).

Our supplemental concept will be a color coated indicator of which five points you will be viewing. For instance all the pillars and support systems throughout will be color coated red and the hand held device will show you various information about point #1 The Supports. Maybe even make it a non-linear experience of splitting up information about the structure on different pillars throughout so that you can learn about the history on pillar number 1 and then learn about the materials on pillar number 4.

Inclusively our concept revolves around a non linear experience through AR and the benefits of persuasion through hyperbolic metaphors.

Here is a sketch of the floor plan.

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