Saturday, January 29, 2011

Domain Name, Bio, and Resume

Domain Name is currently purchased from and I think that I will also be hosting my portfolio site through them as well.

Designer Bio (in-progress)

Half texan and half hawaiian is what I am.  Living from coast-to-coast, my nomadic lifestyle brings a uniquely cosmopolitan perspective to the Kansas City creative scene. My drive to indulge into the creative community comes from my love of music, athletics, and an open mind; being exposed to so many different cultures. My illustrative background and versatility in many mediums derives my ideology to "never leave a mark on mediocrity."

Born and raised in the islands, I grew up in the middle of an intersection of eastern-Asian continuity and American-western dynamism. The pacific provided me with an open mind to turn anything into a creative opportunity. From Hawaii, to Texas, Florida and Colorado, these eyes have absorbed design and critical thinking in every region to understand social responsibility and the etymology of how design helps social and commercial progression. I'm always looking for the big idea, making fun and passionate things for fun and passionate people.

After receiving my Associates Degree at Pikes Peak Community College, concentrating in multimedia design and illustration art direction, I transferred to the Kansas City Art Institute to compliment my narrative background with a social approach in community advocacy. Through KCAI and the AIGA I have had the wonderful opportunities to work in different disciplines whether it be, case-studies, of immigrant subcultures with Kathy McCoy, to creating/implementing a mural with a design team and architect Moshe Safdie. My education in and outside of design is to simply make it fun, make it clear, and make it applicable for social prosperity.

Current Resume


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