Thursday, January 27, 2011

Research Experiments and Assumptions: Healthy Hearts


- From the general public.

1. Exercise or nutrition alone, will keep a healthy heart.

2. Stress is purely an emotional or psychological thing.

3. All stress is bad.

4. Stress has no effect on my heart or physical health.

5. Emotional or psychological elements can't help my physical body.

6. If i appear fit, then I am healthy, my heart is healthy; invincibility.
- From me

7. The design field is more stressful than most, from creative pressure and not physical pressure.

8. Not all designers have the time to take a break from their normal routine.

9. Most won't think an emotional exercise will be credible towards their health.

10. Not all will think something as simply as laughter or playing the guitar can reduce stress and strengthen blood flow in and out of your heart.

11. Heart disease is low on the totem pole next to most medical deffects.

12. Go green, and health programs are purely trend and need persuasive elements to make change.

13. Most will stress just thinking about stress.

14. Most think that its too complicated to help, and do nothing. Intimidation.

15. They think they need outside help to help themselves. Lack of responsibility.


1. Questionnaire

    a) do you get stressed by your job?
    b) is your schedule so busy that you don't have time for healthy activities?
    c) what do you do currently to keep a healthy lifestyle?
    d) what do you love to do outside of work or school?
    e) would you consider participating in (cardio benefits) exercises that
compliment your current routine and preferences to what you love?
2. Interactive Poster

    a) sign-up sheet, asking people what they love to do "what makes their hearts beat."
    b) a list of stress reduction tips to do in your current environment.
    c) have a blog that draws in peoples comments from the posters.

3. Email info

    a) email blasts to students and professionals asking how much they know about stress and heart issues.
    b) asking them what they love to do and informing them that their activities can progress your heart.
    c) ask them if they would be willing/interested to participate in a small exercise routine that caters to their preferences.

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