Sunday, October 17, 2010

Round 3

Here is our most recent hub online solution of users needing to find a fishing spot. After my initial experiment of using rotating wheels and a universal control to bring in content, this new hub puts the user in the environment of looking down at the fish or "content."

I also experimented with moving the control almost like a widget, that luke has also experimented with. After ideas from our find and share, along with everyone else presentations', I built upon concepts that they have had.

Seans levels idea on the map is something that I wanted to play with, from looking at his functions, and also looking at BurgerKings corp site, the levels dictating the user preferences was the most elegant way to search for fishing areas. My previous check-box system was pretty clunky and put me back into box-land, so I tried to reel it back using widget actions, movable content, and slider levels to reinforce my statement from my 3D model post and ideology of using this circular window as a "digital vending machine" where user control can retrieve content forward/towards you from this ambiguous pantry.

The Trophy Room and/or Tacklebox feature is to come...

Round 3                                                            

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