Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prototype Testing

Johnna and I went to Frank Rushton Elementary School today and met with a faculty member and around 10-15 energetic students, grades 3-5. 
Upon arrival, showing up almost late, the teacher took us into a classroom and quickly sorted a few students into a research group for us to test.

We asked the teacher about our book pocket interaction/exchange system and the essay/book-drive contest before we explained the book bag idea. He seemed intrigued by the book pocket idea, but I don't think he understood the depth that this analog conversation was an expansive "rosedale wide" circulation system, instead of just a Frank Rushton geared project.

We also talked about the book/essay contest, the teacher seemed to grasp that idea a little more and thought it would trigger more excitement with the kids, although it wasn't directly connected to reading, more that writing. But it is still an outlet for dreaming and creativity, so I don't think its completely ruled out. We test this idea with the kids, because we didn't think that this initial (paper prototype) round would receive much comprehension; so we asked the teacher instead.

The visual/video documenting was the book-bag and activity booklet. We got some great responses from the students.  We learned a great deal that these kids have a decent library source and love reading already, so we are directing our focus to the enhancement and further progression of dreaming and imagination nutrition. I think the initial activity book and book bag were a success, because when we asked for the activity books back, we walked out empty handed...

" they didn't want to give up their imagination outlets."

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