Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fishing Hub: redesign/revise02

From my initial concepts I presented on monday, the feed back was that the the layout wasn't serving the potential of a fishing community. However the experience of the controls and remote pop-ups did work well. So I redesigned the interface based on these comments, I used a giant port-hole as a relevant reference to looking down at fish and the environment. The navigation is based scrolling around the circumference of the frame, almost like searching/fishing.

The five circles indented on the side are your fave-five picks on whatever category you are in, you have the ability to grab content from the main screen and store them in you profile cache on the side, almost like widget functions. This makes the entire site a collection of your own preferences, amongst endless possibilities within the port-hole. I wanted the function of the control in relation to the window to be like a vending machine grabbing content from beyond.

Its still a work in progress...


Fishing 2                                                            

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