Monday, April 5, 2010

Acme Persuasive Part II

The persuasive part II for me was a nice compliment and contrast from gimmicky hooks within the 2D to the aesthetically logic persuasive of the 3D product. My Acme advertisements are focused around the "strength" of the cleaning product. My target audience loved over-powering, masculine, and high contrast ads and products. My advertisement is based off of a hyperbole that the industrial cleaning product is so strong that it can wipe an entire building completely away. The building represents an industrial and strong object or surface that can relate to the essence of my targets environment. I wrote two bits of persuasive copy that support the theme of strength, one is based off of logic and the products strength in the natural elements and ingredients, and the other is a humorous play off of not knowing your own strength.

Naturally Strong, Unnaturally clean.


We don't know our own strength.

The CNN banner ad follows the same idea, the object here is a lumber truck; once again the strong and industrial element.

My website is black and white with the wood textures in the background to re-enforce the organic or all natural element. It gradates to pure black in the middle where the logo sits in its container. The five web links: our mission, our planet, our packages, our surfaces, and our company sit within a thin horizontal bar in the center of the website; this mirrors the exact layout of the products actual labeling to further the consistency and continuity.

I've used Popular Mechanics for my magazine because this publication is currently sitting on the coffee table in all of my target users' houses.  I've also used a laptop to mock-up my product, because my user is an apple mac book fan, not a pc desktop user.

Acme all natural surface cleaner truly is naturally strong and unnaturally clean. This product was made for the brawny man and his responsible environment.

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