Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Info Graph ideas, themes, and categories.

Here are a few idea to base my info graph around in my collection website:

1 - Style comparison: standard, skinny, square bottom
2 - Materials: silk, cotton, polyester, linen, blends
3 - Size Chart: width and length
4 - Color & Pattern: swatches chart showing most produced
5 - Time line: showing when they were made
6 - Who: an overlapping comparison chart of what type of person wears specific ties
7 - Location#1: geographical chart showing where the biggest fashion design houses are
8 - Location#2: geographical chart showing where they are manufactured
9 - Location #3: geographical chart/size chart of which retail distributors carry the majority
10 - Price: chart showing different ranges of prices for different ties
11 - Brand: which tailor or fashion house designed them
12 - Technique: how they were made, hand or machine made
13 - Target User: comparison chart showing age, gender, personality, style/characteristics
14 - Knots: different knot tying techniques for different looks
15 - Popularity of Styles: perhaps a bar chart showing which type of tie wins the majority
16 - My Favorites
17 - Where: what type of settings or situations you might find them; party, work, dinner, etc
18 - Most Popular Stains - what type of stains do you find most on neck ties; food, ink, etc
19 - Themes: comparison charts showing themed ties; sports, classic patterns, solid colors, etc
20 - Fathers Day - Tie sales and style bought and given for fathers day
21 - Different Uses: Tying your bumper back on your car, strangling someone, sexual activities, etc
22 - Style Guide: which ties go best with which user persona's and different suites, clothing, accessories
23 - How to tie a tie: info graph showing step-by-step instructional diagrams to successfully tying a tie
24 - Manufacturing: how ties are made
25 - Anatomy of a tie

So far these are the ideas I have for my info graphs, now its a matter of researching/ picking and choosing.

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