Sunday, March 14, 2010

User Survey

I know for this project that we are allowed to create our own name for the product. So for my Surface Cleaner called "TURF" I surveyed 7 people on their immediate reaction to the word by itself (first word to pop in your head) and then how they thought of it as a name for a Surface cleaner. Here is what they said.

TURF the word:

1. grass
2. ground
3. territory
4. field/grass
5. property
6. possessive
7. territory

Turf for a Surface cleaning product:

1. turf relates to surfaces nicely, not confusing
2. its a good, condensed title for cleaners
3. its sounds nice and feels like the the person using it takes pride in their house and its hygiene
4. at first I thought of football fields, but it does work nice for a male geared surface cleaner
5. very possessive and takes ownership of your floors and counters
6. a bit arrogant, but in a humorous way to show pride in your house
7. its not confusing and has a nice relationship to the actual product being a surface cleaner, it shows -dominance and seems to lean towards the males; almost like auto supplies

My survey takers were my family members, friends, and 2 complete strangers.

I think the name turf works nicely, but I will still play with ACME to see a nice contrast. The only reason I am going with the option of using my own name is flooding the market with a recognizable student project. I have heard time and time again of seeing the same names and title pop up that defines them as institutional projects that doesn't take a whole lot of freedom or ownership with the project.
That is my only issue with using TURF over ACME, recognizable institutional projects aren't taken as seriously over projects which they cant tell if it is or not.

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