Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Info Architecture: Essay Comparison FInal

 Here is my final concept for the Vignelli & McCoy Essay Comparison Site.

And here is the link to my landing page, Click Here.

My final concept is a search by topic website outlining Katherine McCoy and Massimo Vignelli's ideologies on modernism vs. postmodernism. The layout references traditional Swiss design in composition, typographic and image hierarchy, and strong conceptual planning. The site is broken into three continuous columns with seven different options: Vignelli's Ideology, McCoy's Ideology, Philip Johnson the Bridge, Postmodernism, Modernism, Vignelli's Work, and McCoy's Work. The first three are essay pages comparing ideals and philosophies, while the others are image galleries to show examples of the modernist and postmodernist ideals in application. They are all color coated and reference that color throughout the site. Image rollovers from monochromatic to full color are a visual stimulant and guide to navigation throughout the site. The ideals are expressed within each image in the galleries and relate directly back to the essence of modernism. The entire website is a comparable essay, but with supporting content of bios, work, and external informational links.

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