Thursday, April 1, 2010

Designing Brand Identity: Reading

I've taken a few things away from this read that helped to solidify a few concepts that I'm currently working on for the Typographic Conference.

Identifying Shapes - this was interesting into creating a graphic impression that is embedded into the viewers minds. This subject is based off of shape, color, and content. It was an interesting study for containment logos where the color and shape alone gives the viewer recognition of the content and identity. I recently found some studies where designers have taken the type/titles out of their containment to see if they brand was still powerful and recognizable, this proved to be true - that the logo was still recognizable from the container alone. I thought it was interesting how we respond to pure form and color, even if the supporting text isn't there.
          -pg 7

Creating an Integrated System - this page touched on how your identity can be applied to any facet and situation. Wheeler stressed the importance of continuity and consistency to promote a unified look and feel, so not to misinterpret as a different brand.
          -pg 9

Naming Myths were a fun thing that Lance and I've been working on and I noticed a lot of similar process approaches that we took compared to Wheeler; the Qualities of the Effectiveness of the name:

a. it must be memorable = something that leaves an impression in your mind
b. must be future oriented = create something timeless and not time-sensitive
c. must be protect-able = it must be built off of supporting principles to give authority to your brand
d. must be positive = in form and mood, it must promote a sense of optimism towards your company
e. must be visual = something that is appealing to the eye and distinguishes itself from the others
          -pg 40

Using inventive supporting tag-lines also help to give a further iteration of your brands philosophy.
Lance and I are still considering a catch slogan that embodies the essence of the entire conference.

a. imperative
b. descriptive
c. superlative
d. provocative
e. specific

Value as a symbol is considering what is completely important and worth making into a brand.
          -pg 33

Also testing the effectiveness of your brand is a must. In this case it is hard to test it on our users, due to the hypothetical nature of this conference, but our brand should hold well on artifacts and in any interaction.

Things I found helpful:

The New Wave Festival posters were extremely well done, the layering and fragmentation within layers is something that could apply the our own layered theme.

PBS Logo, the flat representation of layers and multiple elements is a timeless/dimensional concept.

Intersection logo by Rev Group really plays with interchangeable colors and forms that can be applied throughout the entire campaign. The play of 2 and 3 dimensional planes is a new concept to play with and extreme perspective.

Luke also found an identity in the last reading, Theater d'Angouleme, that shows an interesting play with expressing 3d in the 2d world.

Us Colorado Transfer Students are also familiar with the book Logo Savvy this talks about the actual designers process and problem solving entire campaigns... its pretty sweet, I've included a link to a viewable version online if anyone wants to check it out - CLICK HERE

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