Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Russel Wright Final

The essence of my design is simplicity, clarity, functionality, informality, and aesthetically pleasing; hey that sounds like Russel Wright's work! My main visual elements are focusing on the colors of Russel Wright's dinnerware and the formality of design theory fusing with the casual nature of its every day application. I wanted to bring his bright colors in to contrast the dated browns and muted palettes we're use to seeing. The cover is an enlargement of his hallmark, this brings another design element into his works of graphic and brand design. I wanted this to be the cover to represent the identity of all his designs and not focused on specifics of, just his, dinnerware. The layout reflects the asymmetry of informality with the text blocks (bulk) placed on the lower/outer areas of the pages. The typefaces used were Helvetica, Helvetica Lt (hybrid), and Garamond. I believe this contrast of serif formality and san serif informality works well with the essence of Russel Wright's work. My images bleed of atleast one side of the page to further this sense of casualness and to act as a visual introduction to his works.

In summation, It might look simple to most, but I believe the hierarchy of the read, image and type, is present and its functional to the reader of a designer or someone who isn't design savvy. The color, form, and variety of work and information is communicated in a harmonious and appealing manner.

Here are the final spreads after an abundant amount of changes from my Monday critique.

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