Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Statement for Nonlinear Project

These are my screen captures for my interactive nonlinear project.

#1 this is the roll over or mouse over state of my sound effects buttons. The vector paw turns into a mud splattered realistic paw when you hover over it.

#2 this it the roll over or mouse over state of my video buttons. The shoe print follows the paws lead by turning into an actual shoe print with destructive marks and features.

#3 This is where all three videos will be displayed after the mouse click event. They will all be centered to clarify confusion of the random shoe prints and paw prints.

I've learned throughout this nonlinear process of how the added element of sound can enhance the interest and enforce the continuity of my linear animation. I've enjoyed how choosing different types of sound effects and music can set a variety of moods that visuals sometimes cannot.
I have explored many different types of sound effects, voice narrations, and instrumental and lyrical music. The voice over is sort of a direct insight to the attitude of the animation, while sound effects (abstract or literal) can be little reminders of what the animation is trying to portray and amplify specific actions in a video, and music can go in many different directions that contrast greatly in the volume of information you want to explain (audibly) in the animation.

I've delved into illustrator for the initial shapes of the buttons (paws and shoes) and have given them a destructive quality in photoshop to bring a new texture to the composition and enforce the natural element of dogs.

My interactive screen is brought to the very basics of walking a dog, tracks. I wanted to break into a new component of dog walking that I haven't in the first 2 projects so I chose to use the actual prints of the walk to evoke a sense of documentation. The prints or tracks show the after effect of the walk, and also act as a memory indicator reminding you of a moment when you've walked your dog.
The screen is laid out in a brown monotone color scheme with both human and dog prints going in a linear direction. The human tracks activate videos with preloaded music and voice over tracks. The dog paws contain sound effects: a sqeaky toy, a collar dangling, a dog bark, heavy dog breathing, and a whistle. The videos are the dogs perspective, the human perspective, and a combined perspective video. The voice over is an audacity modified narration that acts as an introduction to the human perspective video. The voice over is suppose to be the persona of the dog as a child.

Its a simple layout, but it lets the user play with sound effects throughout each video. I wanted to preload the music so that the user could participate and add a specific bouncy and fun mood through the sound effects (supported by the music choices). It looks basic, but I am proud of it, never before operating Flash and action script. I wanted to stick to something that wasn't going to be overwhelming for my beginner understanding. This is the outcome, and regardless of grade - I have learned quite a bit from consistency of tone, understanding user interaction, how sound can support and enhance any visual element, how to compromise design with action script possibilities.


  1. Nice job. I think the concept of the shoe prints, and paw prints as the buttons is a great idea. I think that by having the shoe prints control the video can contain an underlying meaning of the master in control in the sense that the videos are the main point of emphasis and the sounds being secondary. Overall I think the concept is working with just a few minor problems. The first being the paw print off the bottom right of the screen. I thought it was a button too and tried to click it a few times. Also when the movies appear, they block too much of the other movie buttons. Maybe you could adjust the size of the buttons and/or the movies just a little. Also one of the movies has a blank frame for a little bit right at the beginning. The first time I clicked it I thought something was wrong and almost moved on before it played.

    I think the rollovers are great and really help tell the user that something is going to happen if they click on them. I also like the range of sounds. And it seems like they aren't sounds for just one instance, but sounds that you might hear throughout the narratives. I think this helps keep the user entertained, and interact more with the movies.

  2. when exploring the interface I was very pleased with the sounds. I found myself pressing them multiple times. This is due to their quickness and lack of lag.I also found the attention to detail to be quite welcome and really pulled the whole look together. The dirt coming off of the dogs paw print and the shoes print gave the illusion of the two beings actually being present and moving in the space without actually placing the dog or the owner into the space. Screen integration is the only real question that I would bring up. There could be a little bit of finessing to make it part of the whole scene. possibly put it into a door frame of frame it within a leash.

  3. oh and just to let you know I think I smiled upon clicking on everything on the screen