Thursday, November 12, 2009

Project #4 Overview

I am choosing to design a Data Presentation that presents the facts of pet adoption and the dark side of the cruelty these animals receive when not under the care of a loving owner. The subject matter relates directly to my previous animations of utilizing a dog. I believe this project will work great in my portfolio and give it more depth due to the responsibility that it holds. This piece has a hierarchical presence of supporting a cause and saving lives; I think this is a much broader and deeper piece that will show more than introducing entertainment (show opener).

The purpose of this work is to take a Pathos approach to help dogs and cats get adopted. This sort of graphic design exists to inform the public the side of stray dogs and animal shelters you don't see or know about and to educate an audience to inform them that they do have the power and possibility of changing this dark side by adopting, fostering, or SAVING the life of a dog or cat. This is meant to be a televised commercial on a the animal planet channel, and possibly all channels, that needs no presenter. There might be a voice over narration, but the majority of the piece will be supported by type, image (possibly vector), and instrumental music. The audience will be non-animal owners who live in a comfortable  living space that can accompany a 4-legged friend, and can donate the time for them. They are watching due to the need and want of companionship that include unconditional love.

Research: Both Direct and aesthetic.

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