Sunday, November 15, 2009

Review #2 Monday Start of Class.

Communication Model: Progress #3

My design has changed slightly in booklet proportions and layout, which in the end will reduce confusion and will be aesthetically easy on the eyes. My hierarchy is a lot clearer in these, my first attempt, at wire frame layouts. These new pages are single pages part of a spread that is an elongated booklet; a bit floppy and more fun. They echo my original idea of separating each component from the communication model on its own page. Some have the time line on the opposite page within the spread and some have it on the bottom of its own page as an indicator of where you are within a conversation. I think this new format mirrors that of a comic strip and reads clearly in a linear matter, like a time line. My annotation hae stayed the same, with the exception of a few grammar corrections. I will include the communication model on an introduction spread to the booklet when I have secured a comfortable aesthetic design for my model. There are a few rough thumbnails included to show a little more progress and that I haven't been designing on the computer. My references for layout came from various design books and newspapers, too many and vague enough to show relativity. I will complete aesthetics after Monday when I decide on a format.

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