Monday, November 16, 2009

Review #2 Monday End of Class.

From my critique, I've understood that my horizontal format is getting close to what resembles the the logic of a comic strip with a linear path. The spread with the opposite facing page referencing the diagram or where you are within the conversation seems to work well, along with the idea of using icons or pictograms. I might split the dialog into two different version of saying the same message: a) straight description of what what each components purpose is and what it does, b) will be my postcard dialog interpretation of the communication process. I think that my booklet presented today will enlarge in scale but respect the elongated horizontal aspect, my spreads will reflect a description and timeline understanding, icons and pictograms will clarify each component, my diagram will act as an introduction, and I will try to incorporate two variations of the same dialog.

Here are a few additional ideas for the layout and icons.

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