Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Progress (end of class)

The only progress I have from today is recapping my critique and exploring a more clear structure of readability and hierarchy.

My booklet idea will stay the same with the diagram/chart and separating each component on its own individual page. I am taking a few steps backward and conceptualizing my overall structure of content. My problem was putting too much information down and rushing into aesthetics before having a concrete structure. I will work on layout and hierarchy in a, possibly, new format. I am going back to my first diagram idea of having two separate lines indicating confusion and clarity. The diagram will be my first spread inside my booklet to give the reader an overview of what exactly is going on. I will also include either a replica timeline from the diagram on each page or a thumbnail indicator of where you are in the actual timeline. I would like the new format to be more horizontal and possibly comic book like.

For now... I work.

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