Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Project #4 Ideas and Story Board

I am creating a data presentation on facts of what the benefits of having a dog are, in-turn, this tv commercial will promote dog adoption in a positive light. Before I was going for a negative approach of using guilt to attract viewers to adopt a dog and save a life, now after my small group critique, I am using the power of positivity to promote the advantages for the adopter of having a dog. My facts revolve around health, social, and internal happiness. All my facts are cross referenced and proven by doctors within the medical field or professional surveys.

This would be a data presentation that would be an internet streamed advertisemen, due to its time lapse over 30 seconds.

Fact #1 - Dogs reduce stress and improve mood.

Fact #2 - Dogs make your life active and help you exercise.

Fact #3 - Dogs help to lower and control your blood pressure.

Fact #4 - Dogs provide excellent security.

Fact #5 - Dogs are date magnets and provide social support.
               Proven by Nadine Kaslow, PhD, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Emory
               University in Atlanta

Fact #6 - could possibly be switched out with one of the above. Dogs add structure to your life.

After my storyboard ideas and group critique, we have come up with a solution that utilizes elements of my ideas to create a typographic and static image animation that promotes the imagery of these facts.

Each fact will be displayed by an image of the specific fact. Example:
     Dogs making your life active and help exercise with show a still image of an owner running or playing with his dog, with the type laying on top of the image and the title being kinetic type that performs the action of the designated fact.

Here are my First set of ideas:

#1 creating a dialog of type that says "I can help you lower your blood pressure" and then there will be an opacity fade to a dog who is saying it. This would be a series of the different facts that doesn't reveal that there is a dog narrating the message until the very end.

#2 doing a video pan across a leash from handle to clip with the different facts showing up  along the way. You'll eventually reach the clip with no dog attached to it, promoting the feeling of emptiness.

#3 strictly kinetic type that acts as a reveal to the stated facts. Each action that reveals the fact will be directly related to the fact, such as: exercise - mud from running paw prints will act as a mask that reveals the type.

#4 utilizing an advertising angle of promoting the dog as a product, such as medication or household item. You will see just a blank box representing an anonymous product, and type will appear asking questions like "can this product stop depression?" Type that says "yes" will appear across the box. After going through each fact question, the end scene will show the box opening and revealing this miracle product - a  dog.

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