Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Resume, Leave-Behind, Thank you card Progress

So far I am changing my robot idea to something that expresses myself a bit more comfortably than the previous robot idea. I am going with a logo I've made that is very clean, geometric and contemporary looking. I think  that it expresses my quiet passion and slightly conservative side. I've looked to Michael Graves for inspiration and think my logo and media kit, so far, reflects his approach of stripping down all ornamentation and displaying a friendly minimal campaign.

My thank-you cards and new resume will be put into a square layout that is an accordian fold for my resume and a roll fold for my thank-you cards. This will express the linear path, and an added element of myself that says "there always something more."

For my leave behind, I wanted to create something timeless that would make someone want to keep it on there desk, and at the same time something practical that they could use. So I've decided on a calender tent calendar of the specific month that the drop off was made. I am still toying with the idea of having the numbers more playful to express the "timeless" qualities.

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