Monday, November 30, 2009

Project #3 Booklet 11/30/09

These are the revisions I have made over the break.
I have modified all of my icons to look more cohesive by rounding almost all corners, watching my line weights and spacing in between forms.

I have added image from my post card conversation to introduce clarity of the text. They all align with the grid and are introduced by their icon mascots.

I've reduced the loud qualities of my type and created more contrast between weight and size. The Universe family is used throughout for continuity.

I have redesigned the cover to reflect a crest or insignia, which reinforces the "field guide" feel. I have removed all of my stars that were definitely competing with my icons and replaced them with the circular pattern from my "noise" in my communication model.

The bar meter was a mistake and I have changed it back to the line graph that represents the levels of confusion and clarity throughout the communication time line. The icons pin point where the clarity level is on its specified component.

And lastly, I have re-included my "sender generator" from my first iterations to create more variety and reduce its mundane predictable path.

I am currently working on a similar page for Message and possibly Noise and Channel.

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