Sunday, November 22, 2009

Project #3 Full Booklet

My booklet is finally complete, as far as this stage goes. My Model of communication is present and reflects the inner pages in color and hierarchy. My chart is a meter showing the level of confusion and clarity represented by the stars. The stars are a repeated element showing the level of clarity on each introduction page, of each component of the communication model. The left facing page of each spread acts as the introduction, definition and theory of that specific component; while the right facing page shows the application and postcard conversation. I felt that this booklet acting as a field guide iconic mascot would act better that photos of the postcards. The icons are a working progress, but overall I think the essence of the icons and book is close to completion.

The name of the booklet is "The Designers Field Guide to Communication"
I am still working on the cover, but think it has a nice guide-like quality to it depiction all of the icons.

Enlarged Detail of Inner Spread Pages.

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