Friday, November 20, 2009

Project #3 Review 2 Friday Progress (Ending)

Here is my evidence of process and exploring different ideas of icons for todays work time. From my critique with Lance, Luke, and Jessica, We decided that these types of icons are best for this book format and go best within the context of being a field guide. They are a hybrid of iconic and pictogram looks that merge into a more square aspect to compliment the comic-strip aspect of the book and its linear sequence. I have also worked on the introduction page today that sets the understanding of the book itself. I will definitely have a complete draft of the entire book by Monday and am currently exploring covers, jackets, or slip covers.

1 comment:

  1. the man icon is fun - original with personality. needs refinement though on the angle pose. the knot also is good. overall icons need to match formally - so keep line weight and space consistent.

    the mail icon is a bit generic and the eye is not communicating. in fact, I know what the model is and I don't know what that signifies!

    this model, however is not as clear or formally as resolved as your other one posted below with text.

    watch that justified text (rivers and hyphens).

    why those stars? be critical of the connotations of that form. stars in the row can reference a user review rating system (like on amazon). and It can be a bit patriotic too. I understand your government issue approach - but the stars seem misguided.