Monday, November 9, 2009

Project #3 Monday Morning Introduction

Here is the result of my struggles over the weekend. From my online critique from my group this past Saturday, the majority leaned towards my Proposal #2, with modifications. I am taking the essence of my proposal #2 by utilizing the idea of showing the two different paths of a conversation (clarity and confusion) and separating them on their own paths instead of having them displayed on the same plane and page. I liked Sean's suggestion of combining Proposals #1 and #2 by isolating each component of a communication model on its own page, but applying the timeline to the bottom to still comprehend where you are in the conversation. That is the direction I am going in. I believe I can show the ups and downs of a conversation by having them separated and in a step by step manner better that utilizing a graph based on a hypothetical measure of understanding.

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  1. The detail on the sender/encoder are great here. Can you bring this information graphic into your book?