Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reading Brief: The Education of a Graphic Designer

The Education of a Graphic Designer is a collaboration of separate views from what type of education is more beneficial to a design student. The word Contrarian comes up when the argument between academics being an asset to the end result of a design education or if concentrated design theory and studio classes, is the only way to stay focused and successful within the field.
I tend to agree that all classes, academic and studio, are beneficial to a designer, however using academics in place of more studio time will eventually be a distraction to the application process and present a clear message in an awkward or diffused way.
Academics also represent a concept without an output, while design acts as a harness or a concept vessel for that idea to transfigure from the immaterial into the material. In other words, the ideas are electronic signals and design is a television screen that makes those electronic signals and create an image and sound that is a tangible thing without abstraction.

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