Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Post Card Ideas

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  1. The top one is a GREAT image, but I don't think a message is easily taken from it. The bottom one however definitely says something about credit cards and I think it's the most impactful. You may want to crop out just a tiny bit, I feel like I'd like to see the tips of the fingers and at least some of the thumb. You may also want the white block of NBK text to be under some of the red slivers, it's the most dominating thing on the image right now and I have no idea how it correlates back to the credit card... If you feel like re cutting the slivers, you might make some of the edges end in sharp points, making the image say more about how harmful credit can be if that's what you're going for. Hope this helps, keep in mind that that is all strictly my own personal opinion lol.