Saturday, October 24, 2009

Final Piece for Project #2

From the feedback I have received on my ad: I have reduced the size of the chocolate and tie to give more breathing space to the composition (more white space), I have changed the tagline "indulge" to a handwritten script to separate logo type face from the tagline and to make "induge" seem more indulgent and elegant, I have reduced the size of indulge so that it doesn't compete with "Hermann Scherrer," have pulled the ornate pattern in the tie more, and have worked with the shadow a little more. I have not been able to use the original shadow from the photo shoot due to different lighting directions from the chocolate and the tie to pull out the right features and details from each item; let alone, the original shadow from the Hershey Kiss would have fallen onto the tie, and would have to digitally reconstruct it regardless. But in the end this is what I have come up with and am very proud of it.

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