Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Project #3 Essay Spread Progress

Russel Wright is all about casual practicality. His designs were for universal use in most societies and solved the problem of functionality within an ordinary household. His designs spread into many venues: dishware, furniture, landscape, architecture, etc. He is the definition of diversity within continuity and is presented in an informal manner. This is what I wanted to present within my spreads, the informal san serif multi-use of Helvetica for my hierarchical headers, titles, etc. I have also used Garamond for my body copy to fuse the informality of function and aesthetics of the display type with the function behind traditional theory and content. My layout also reflects continuity within diversity of the 3-column grid and always using 2/3 of it for content. This asymmetrical balance shows the diversity within practicality of his designs.

I've worked on my spreads since my group critique and have made much progress in freeing up space and making the pages easier to read on the eyes: text, image, and as a whole.

and here are my revisions since...

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