Thursday, October 22, 2009

Final Statement Project #2

Final Statement

Ludwig Hohlwein's Original Hermann Scherrer's Fine Tailor Clothing poster exemplifies the wealthy upper-class luxury of owning elaborate and quality clothing. The emphasis is on "Fine." The poster suggests an equestrian sport which is very exclusive to the upper class due to its expensive nature. This mode of appeal is clearly Ethos in that the poster builds credibility off of this sporty strong wealthy gentleman in his expensive athletic wear and bulldog.

Working with the mode of appeal in Pathos, I am choosing to grasp at the viewers emotions of: guilt, indulgence, and temptation by using chocolate as an indicator. The red patterned tie flows out of the Hershey Kiss's chocolaty richness and onto the paisley patterned gold surface. The colors of red and gold are historically a reference to wealth and Heraldry or Royalty. I chose the Kiss for its smooth contours and curves that mirror the tie's folds and caramel liquidness. The patterns of the paisley and the tie are a reference to ornate detail that you can only get through well crafted quality.

My type is reversed out to white for clarity between values. I have chosen from the Bodoni type family for its Fashion likeness and delicate contrast between thick and thin strokes. Serif typefaces always exude a sense of formality (even in uppercase). The tagline is "indulge" to further the sense that this brand is an indulgence that you can wear and is a pleasure and privilege. I placed it in the top right quadrant to show separation from emotion and information. The image being so rich in chroma and value, I had to separate the information type completely. I've placed the name, field, and address in a brown bar at the bottom to isolate from the image and to easily make the read of the composition clear.

Type: "Indulge" (Bodoni italic), Hermann Scherrer (Bodoni Regular or Roman), Fine Tailored Clothing (Bodoni Regular), 39 Neuhauser Strab Munich Germany (Helvetica Regular).

Image: Hershey Kisses and red silk patterned tie.

Hermann Scherrer's fine clothing reputation has been prevalent since the late 1800s and into the early 1900s. They primarily produce mens clothing but also produce women clothing as well. From athletics to formal... Hermann Scherrer says it all.

This magazine advertisement is going to be applied to Vogue magazine due to its reputation in fashion and their reach towards integrating more mens clothing.

     Ad Specs: Full Page bleed trim sized document 8" x 10 7/8"


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