Thursday, October 29, 2009

NA Thumbs, Comps, Sketches

Batch #1 Friday October 23, 2009

Here are some of my concepts for our third project. The first batch was based on a Leash theme, the choices of active buttons were placed on or were the actual leashes. They varied in user control from: choosing separate clips with preset sounds, choosing the whole movie and adding different sounds, choosing type separate from image and sound, and adding different sounds throughout choosing different clips.

Batch #2 October 28, 2009
My second batch is just one set that narrows down the concept to a more practical approach. I'm now using human footprints and dog pawprints as the activation buttons to just select prearranged sound clips that go along with the appropriate image clip. I tried to concept a splash page to choose either the dog or human perspective from suggestions in my critique, however that sort of work is out of my grasp and unrealistic for this project. The human and dog prints represent the documenting of the walk through the feet imprints. depending on which perspective you choose, the human will only show shoe prints in color and the dog perspective would only show paw prints in black and white. The paw print button you would click on, would follow with an animation of the paw prints walking, then enlarging into an active video screen.

Batch #3 October 30, 2009
     My final batch is an exploration of the previous paw print and shoe print theme, but combined on the same screen for the users understanding and ease. The first is a refined version on Batch #2, these will have the option of clicking sound on and off during the viewing of the movie clip. Also each paw print or shoe print will have a mouseOver activation of a sound effect, such as a bark or whistle, just to add a bit more.
     The second idea is based off of just the splash screen where you can choose inbetween the paw of the dog perspective and the shoe print of the human. Upon clicking on either, a movie clip screen will enlarge and play with the choise of different sounds on the left (smaller prints).
     The third idea is based on the same paw theme, but the entire interaction screen looks like an old memory game, or match game where you have to find 2 similar cards on the other side. Each square you click on will play a predetermined movie clip and sound clip attached to it; possibly multiple playing at one time. A little less user control, but more options than the rest of the ideas.

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