Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Russel Wright Progress Monday & Wednesday

Here are my spreads for Good Design is For Everyone.

Russel Wright is a designer who served the universal needs for the everyday household. He represents casual, informal, practical, functional, and GOOD design. He has a soft palette for his dishes and a range of tones for his furniture, landscape, and architecture.

I wanted to represent the formal design theory clashing with practical informality, so for the majority of my titles and subtitles I have a strict aligned edge and a very ragged open edge. The majority of the plate spreads have photos bleed off atleast 1 side for tension. I have chosen the Helvetica family for a contemporary informal look as well as Garamond for my body text to emphasize formal tradition.
I thought that upper and lower case would imply the everyday common, practicality of his nature.
My text spreads start with a full bleed left facing page as an intro to the color coated chapters.
They are asymmetrical spreads with 1 column of body copy text, that spread over 2 of a 3 column grid.

They are still in progress!

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