Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reading Brief: The Education of a Graphic Designer (The Correct Reading)

To me this reading brought multiple levels to the solving process of design. It put a new spin and different perspective to how we design and the integration of our field with the consumer, relative fields, and different applications. I can now think back to my last project of Hermann Sherrer Fine Tailored Clothing, the possibilities of comparing it to other products at that level such as automobiles; clothing as fine as a Mercedes or Jaguar's and creating joint venture campaigns, building more off of specific materials and different garments. Using the economic class of the targeted audience, different types of clothing, different materials, and joint ventures create a dynamic brand (or the Products level) and then can be taken to the next level of marketing the integration of relative brands and fields, and so on (System and Community Level). The reading gave me a new sense of how analytical designers have to be and go beyond the appropriate appearance (or Component level) of the look and read. Its like Milton Glaser said in To Inform and Delight - "Designers don't have an obligation to make something look pretty to the audience, we have a responsibility to the function and practicality in society."

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