Thursday, October 22, 2009

Audio Tracks for Animation

Here are the sounds for my animation.

Lyrical Music: Happy Jack by The Who
    - Has playful lyrics that represent the dogs complex

Instrumental: Remy Drives a Linguini by Michael Giacchino
     - contains a bouncy rhythm that reflects the pace of boredom before the walk and speeds up with the walk.

Voice Over: Kids Voice as an intro to leashing up for a walk
     - "hey human, get up human, lets go for a walk, I'm ready for an adventure

Sound Mark/ Sonic Brand: low octave music box chimes/xylophone
     - playful childlike qualities of a young naive mind of a dog

Sound Effects: A combo of obvious sounds
     - Dog collar and leash clanging or ringing, dog whining or sniffing, and a whistle

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