Friday, October 16, 2009

Chocolate Friday Progress

My critique went well and have a definite direction now. Sometimes you have to take 3 steps back to take 1 step forward. My type is getting closer to the elegant yet masculine side. I threw out everything I had into these iterations and have explored a lot of color combination's, the result was beneficial in taking bits and pieces from each idea. I will try to work on combining the two fabric patterns from my pink & blue series and also use the window cropping direction from the dipped tie ideas into the original idea of the tie flowing out of the chocolates.

Positive: Pattern choices and combination(plaid & paisley), tie breaking containment, type compositions from the dipped tie series, tie flowing out from Hershey Kiss, asymmetry & symmetry exploration, delicate nature of pink series, chocolate brown tones of dipped tie, bold red paisley fabric works.

Negative: Loud acid color palette (tie/kiss), pink is too feminine, dipped tie is too dirty (literally and erotically), type needs to breath more, type compositions getting closer but still not elegant enough, pink series doesn't say enough, monotones don't work, chocolate doesn't read clearly enough in all, color choices need to be narrowed down, needs to have the final text from the original poster.

All in all, it was good feedback, some things I knew and some I didn't. I am designing them full size page for Men's Vogue Magazine mechanicals specs (8" x 10 7/8"). I like the vertical nature of the aspect ratio and is an appropriate application of the design.

For the direction from my critique, I am going to use the tie flowing out of the Hershey Kiss composition but use more natural and rich colors. My type will look similar to the dipped tie compositions of stacked and conformed to a square, but open up the type and let it breath to secure the elegant essence. I will contain it within a window, as in the dipped tie series, but have the tie breaking containment to make the connection of image and type interacting. I will also keep the paisley patterns and attempt a plaid/paisley fusion for diversity within continuity. The silky nature of the tie itself will stay intact.

We shall see on Monday where it takes me.

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