Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hooked Presentation Script, before group edit

Fishing Community Outline:

Fishing Intro:
- fishing...
- a sport to most,
- an occupation to others,
- and one of our favorite pastimes all around.

- the fishing community is created from a variety of individuals who bring many assets to the group, from all different levels of leisure and competition.

Levels of Involvement:
- From elders like Chris showing new members the tricks of the trade and traditional fishing techniques,

-to Novices like Russell expanding the field with new technologies and current perspectives, the multiple levels of involvement vary due to each individuals motivations and desired values of what they want... and want to provide for the community.

Motivations for Engagement:

Physical Boundaries that make this online community so meaningful:
- Hooked, provides a unique online "space" where members like russell can create their own environment and connect with others.

- Hooked is an open and inviting system where fishermen of all walks can engage and contribute in a "trusting group activity" that inclusively provides emotional security to go out and fish with confidence and pride.

Why did we choose this community as being benefited by online solutions:
- we chose the fishing community because we saw digital opportunities to bring an online system to such an extreme outdoor environment that could leverage digital tools to share the goodwill of a singular, as well as a group activity.

HUB: Finding a Fishing Spot
- Russell needs to find a fishing spot from credible users within the community that have the same interests as him, so he can make the right decision.

- Our online fishing spot locator gives users like Russel, a voice, to shop around for fishing areas based on his preferences and desire to fish on grounds that are more boating friendly.

- Assuming that russell already has an account, he logs in. He needs to find a fishing spot that comes highly recommended by his peers, but also fits with his own preferences and personal standards.

- this unique navigation and interface puts Russell in the fishing environment of looking down into this ocean of content.

- Upon grabbing and turning the navigation wheel, he finds the fishing spot window and immediately starts adjusting the levels.

- Russell has a boat, so a big stipulation for fishing is to make sure that he fishes in a location that has launching ramps and docking stations.

- With his busy school schedule, russell also needs to find somewhere close to home so he can have his fun and while close to school.

- Russell immediately starts seeing feedback scaled by most preference matched.

- Selecting Shawnee mission park, russell is presented with an array of user generated content of images and reviews from the hooked members. Each tag is specific to the user location of Shawnee Mission Park.

- Upon Choosing a user-post from "badbassmother," he has the option to "like" the post to legitimize it, "close" it, or comment.

- Since badbassmother posted something about boat launching areas, russell wants to ask his own question.

- After submitting his question about docking his boat, russell wants to remember shawnee mission park and add it to his "favorites."

- He drags shawnee mission and the information about boat docking into his tackle-box which allows him to customize his own space.

- He can open it up at any time and map the directions to his mobile so he knows how to get there at anytime and from anywhere.

iPhone Transition:
- once russell gets out to shawnee mission park, he has the need to find others within the area. Although a competitive fisherman, he still likes the company of others and the quick ability to ask for information at any given time during his fishing trip.

Trophy Room:
- Russell has caught his fish and has now uploaded it to the Hooked Hub. With his competitive nature, russell wants to compare and check out some of the professionals catches.

- When switching to the trophy room. Russell wants to search for catches by known/credible fishing groups. Perusing through the trophy wall he can sort through groups and fisherman from previewing their experience-point-level and deciding on which pro he wants to view.

- Russell finds the Codfather, with a high experience level, and decides to open up his trophy wall.

- He can browse through the Codfathers catches and view the fish's statistics and the fisherman's catching statement.

- With some of these "whale-of-a-tale" statements, Russell decides not to click the like button and add anymore experience points to the Codfather's profile.

- Jealous with the Codfathers catch, Russell closes his profile and storms out of his room to go back to shawnee mission park to give the codfather a run for his money.

Wrap Up:
We hope that through our customizable and accommodating informational network, hooked will connect fishermen in any isolated community who may live in rural areas or are otherwise unable to physically engage in helpful social activities.

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