Friday, September 3, 2010

VA: Problem identification

Motivation and Mental Health.


Wendy and Heidi mentioned that one of the largest problems affecting the children in the Rosedale community is that they don't dream. I think one of the roots to this problem is that there isn't a healthy enough of an environment to 'create creativity.' With no libraries, home economics classes, or shop classes in schools or the community in general, there is the lack of education and lack of the presence of options for these kids; there mental health.

I think libraries and books provide children with a safe haven to foster individual though, imagination, and character development. They provide an outlet to find themselves and what they are passionate about, libraries to me and others were and are a vast menu of confidence and individuality within a larger community. The problem identified is lack of identity and creativity, whether libraries or literature in general, educate creativity, sports, nutrition, etc.

Audience & Research Areas:

The Audience will target most elementary school children.

I think areas or audiences to start researching this specific problem can be found in educational facilities of all sorts:

Schools = teachers: direct education.
Churches = community, a place to congregate and that educates on faith and values.
Farmers markets = community: a place where there is an exchange of products, services, etc.

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