Thursday, September 2, 2010

VA: Problem Finding

Problem Finding:

1. Communication:
    There is definitely a disconnect in communication within the Rosedale community. From Getting peoples attention to the literal language barrier of different dialects and roots from different cultures and derivation.

- need a unified propaganda message
-eliminate multiple messages within the community
-create a common goal to end the disconnect and have and make community commitments

a) One issue brought up was communicating to community members, most of the time cell phone numbers are changed due to the affordability of prepaid cellphones and the convenience it provides. But those numbers have a communication shelf life that is very slim. Flyers aren't looked at or are trashed, people move without notice, and half of the community are med students who don't participate in the neighborhood culture that they live in.
The problem/solution seems to be attention, awareness, and retention. All members either aren't motivated by the messages to help the community, or don't even have the accessibility to these communication channels. The retention rate and awareness needs to be improved; for if you want to help the community in specific ways, you need to make sure that you can communicate and reach all of them first.

b) Language barriers, with an estimate of about 10 different languages spoken throughout the community, people aren't comprehending the typical english messages. Having this mindset, there is a loss of motivation to participate in community events and activities such as: farmers markets - they don't know which foods are local or in season, town meetings - can't understand what the issues are or read the flyers that go around saying what time and where, etc.

2. Motivation:
    Without a dream, purpose or aspirations, kids don't have a motivation to make anything of themselves or participate/committ to their community. We need to give the children an outlet, confidence, and build an environment where they can dream.

3. Recreation:

    Eating healthy is one thing, but participating in group activities give kids a sense of community, confidence, and physical health. The urban jungle/wildlife environment is in dire need of a remodel and structure. Providing a well maintained, safe, and inviting environment to be creative and active is   something that this community can benefit from.

- Your Space, creating plots for an outlet.
- Putting organics/wildlife in the urban community.
- No library, no education and instructional involvement.
- Safety, physical safety of individuals.
- Accessibility, one of the most important aspects, creates convenience and    physical outlets to reaching well-being and the rest of the community.

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