Monday, September 27, 2010

Solutions List by Hierarchy: Fishing Community

Blue Indicates Keepers 
Red Indicates Throw Back (or secondary)

*Needs and solutions, as well as features of each application listed below titles.


1.    How will I know if there are any fish around?
- sonar
- xray

2.    How can I brag?
- camera
- exaggeration photo filter
( sub category) What kind of fish did I catch?
- inspector
- fish shazzam

3.    How can I find someone to fish with?
- ping
- foursquare
- poke
- messaging
4.    How will I know if I'm safe?
- safety inspector
- non-social fisherman around (ping/foursquare)


1.    Where should I fish?
- maps
- user comments - color coated upon rollover by category
- map options based on preferences, user suggestions, type of fish
- map-it feature uploaded to mobile device
- user hot spot shout-out/blast

2.    Trophy Room
- the wall
- vote/eperience points
- comments by users
3.    How do I find the right Fishing equipment?
- profile suggestion (user generated suggestions based on your experience level)
- location, brand, type of equipment
- craigslist/community tackle box (user shared or sold)

4.    How will I know if there will be fish around?
- lunar charts
- feeding times
- migration patterns
- fishing season
- tide charts
- depth charts

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