Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Community Naming and Type faces

Our naming for our entire system branched off of ideas and buzz words based on recruitment and grouping:

Lure - trying to attract members, draw them in.

Hooked - capturing an essence or membership within the fishing community.

Chum - giving incentive for others to come in and become a member.

Shoal - a group of  fish who stick to gether for strictly social purposes.

School - a group who swim in the same direction.

Fishy Business - a pun on the seriousness of our communities subject matter.

These were our serious lists that related directly to our subject matter and essence of the fishing community in a relative naming convention.

Jessica has taken care of our color choices that relate directly to a bold "sportsman" look, and some are more tertiary and lean towards the leisure aspect and a calming feeling of fishing; but all have a different take on a natural and organic wildlife/outdoors palette and tone.

So far we are considering mostly san serif of slabbed serif to reenforce the sportman and athletic feel for fishing, and it could also compliment the soft palette of some of our color choices.

Our Start for typeface considerations:

fette egyptienne
trade gothic
sf new republic


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