Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rough Draft of Problem Statement and Suggested Name List

Design Systems: Problem Statement and Brand Names:

Problem statement:

For this center for the performing arts, the intent of the visual identity is to communicate a sense of genuine and authentic live performance with a bold, elegant, spirited essence. We are reaching our guests of academics, art enthusiasts, and connoiseurs of all ages and areas through our tone of voice. The identity will be presented in a tone of sophistication, warmth, inviting, and authoritative, but not condescending. We are selling an artistic experience, so enrichment should be a key visual element throughout the visual system. Our identity should encompass and address the needs of the three main areas of music, dance, and theater, but a festive or a shared harmonious spirit should be the prominent component.


Athena Theater - goddess of love and
Minerva - goddess of education, arts, sciences.
The Tribute - a gift, testimonial, compliment, or the like, given as due or in 
    acknowledgment of gratitude or esteem.
Bravo - applause, admiration
The Apex - tip, peak, pinnacle
Pinnacle - top achievement 
The Vigor - energetic
Moxie - skill, courage, energy
Allegro - fast and quick
The Aria - self contained harmony
Vivace - lively and fast
Vivo - lively and alive
Presto - fast, alive
Metre - meter, time, education reference
The Laurel - triumph, honor, greek/ roman reference
Gusto - hearty, lively
Rostrum - raised stage, primary level
The Proscenium, the opening or picture frame to the stage
Oleo - revealing, rolling up the curtain
Muse - greek goddesses of inspiration
Masque - Renaissance form of entertainment that grew from the education of    
The Manhattan - where broadway dance, music, and theater started in america.
The Majestic -
Prosody - educational linguistics stressing rhythm, emotional state
The Pulse -
Tactus - specific tone, beat, or rhythm
Live -

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