Monday, September 13, 2010

Revised list of Offline needs and Online solutions

Offline Needs and Online Solutions:

I need to find somewhere to fish?

- Geo tagging: When out in your boat fishing, using your iphone or cell phone, can take photos with your camera and upload directly to the hub where it is geographically pinpointed and documented. By user tagging, you can find fishing spots that are convenient to your home, work, commercial businesses, or rural parks.

I need to know the right equipment for my day of fishing?

- You can log on to the online hub and search through a catalog of fishing equipment based on your skill level, type of fishing (freshwater and saltwater), price range, and retail provider (location or brand).

What kind of fish is that?

- Using our aquatic x-ray application, you can hover your iphone/ipad over the waters surface and the application will detect the proximity of the fish.

- By using the fish shazzam feature, taking a photo of your catch will identify the species, measure its size for bragging rights and wildlife regulations, and connect to our hub catalog to find the species profile (where they live, depth charts, etc.).

Where can I buy some fishing gear?

- A hub map that gives a hierarchy list of retailers based upon user generated feed back/voting/rating (like-button) dictated by popularity, selection, type of fishing, and location nearest you. This hub feature acts as a flagging system that takes your profile information such as location, type of fishing, and expertise and gives you a predetermined list of options.

What type of bait should I use?

- You can do a search on your mobile device or hub of what type of fishing you will be doing: salt/fresh water, specific type of fish, geographic location, etc and a generator will supply you with a list of options for your specific inquiries; and will list them hierarchically due to user feed back and hints on which bait works best.

How do I know if there will be any fish where and when i go fishing?

- While planning your trip, from your hub profile you can click a flagging button "gone fishing" which will notify other users you are not at your hub, but more importantly, we will calculate the date/time and location you are planning to fish and inform you with message alerts of whether the fish are in season or migration. From user generated postings of their catch, they can geo tag what type of fish they caught and where to let you know your odds of catching fish in your elected time and location.

Are there any legalities or regulations to go fishing?

- On your hub, through a direct link, you can register yourself to be a licensed fisherman. Your profile will copy and reroute all your information to the department of wildlife/parks and recreation to submit an application for a license. Your mobil device will automatically upload a digital fishing license for you to always have on hand while away from your hub. We will also send you calendar warnings if it is getting close to your license expiration date.

How can I gloat and share my catches?

- As soon as you catch a winner, you can take a photo with your mobile device and your catch will be identified/documented with information of your catches weight, size, species, where it was caught and user comments of how much of a struggle this catch was. This will be uploaded to your "trophy room" on your hub (rss feed), where you can view your catches and other users can comment and share thoughts and link to their similar catches.

- You will gain experience points based on your catches and difficulty of the hunt. These points will be added to your profile and link you with other fisherman with those expertise levels.

Are there any fishing contests?

- Based on your expertise level and location, you will receive email and web blasts about fishing competitions in your local community or fun scavenger hunt games of fishing provided by our own website. Other members can also post competitions to our blog forum.

If I want to fish with someone, how can I go about doing that?

- Based on your profile information, our hub acts as a sort-of dating service match-maker. We will find compatible fishing buddies based on your: location, skill level, type of fishing, boat vs. dock. At any time, you can log on and activate a "want to fish with someone button" that will apply a flag to your profile and alert our servers to start compiling a list of fishing buddy candidates.

- You can also add friends and message/socialize with them by your self to make compatibilities.

How do I know where its safe or okay to fish?

- Based on where you are fishing, your mobile device will pinpoint your location and notify you of weather charts and elemental forecasts that could be potentially hazardous. Also when photo or video/geotagging spots your tag will upload to our servers and search for identical safety hazards that previous users have posted, and will alert you. Also based on the internal self-balancing system within your mobile device, we will calculate tide and depth charts of where you are for your benefit of well being.

- Also you can download onto your mobile device or hub profile, our general safety guide to fishing to check whenever you have doubts. This guide includes live feed weather forecasts and fishing techniques that will prevent any harm to you or your fishing buddy.

How will I know if there is an open area for fishing?

-If your already in a fishing spot, your mobile device will give you an alert letting you know if a certain area in "hot" with fish or if there is an expert close to you if you are a novice, just in case you need help.

-Before leaving to go out, jumping onto the hub will give you information of where there are plenty of others fishing and where hot spots are by providing pin point tags in the area. This is also where you can get your mobile device synced for the alert system before you go out.

How do I get information on times and weather?

- While planning your trip, from your hub profile, it will list all the areas of fishing near by and provide the times for you if needed, this information will also provide direct areas for certain fishing by sorting them for you. For the weather it will show an icon symbolizing what is going on at that time.

How do I cook/clean a fish?

-If your out camping during your fishing trip and away from a computer, your mobil device will be able to upload a video for cooking situations.

-Your mobile device and hub will be able to get a great recipe based off of what you uploaded to your gloat page.

What happens if I get bored out fishing? What do I do?

- With your mobile device, you can log in to your profile, in which you already have gone fishing as your notifier and there you can click on gone fishing to connect with others out fishing and get into a community chat room or if you know someone out use quick talk (personal chat room).

What happens if I can't afford bait?

-Using the hub, you will have the ability to find some user input and based on the user input, you can rate how you feel it helped you.

-Another way to find other ways to getting bait, you can use your hub profile and put out a share/trade ad in which it will be broadcasted to people close by to you.

-If you didn't want to make an ad then by clicking on share/trade will break down by miles, experience level, reliability level, on which person will be the right person to share/trade bait.

-If you are already out fishing, using the alert system in your mobile device will locate people that are in your area to let them know you need to share bait.

What happens if I don't have a smart phone and need other means?

-With your mobile device, if you text in the number given by the hub, it put your phone number in the system and give you the most important features like alerts to you by text message.

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