Friday, April 23, 2010

Poetic Map: The Search for Oldenburgs Art

My concept for the poetic map is based on the a hardy boys/cloak & dagger mystery feel. The map shows you the shuttlecocks as you take an adventure to solve the case of the thief behind who has stolen the shuttlecocks. This booklet format gives you an overview of the scenario, hints and clues, typographic ransom-note imagery, and a coordinating map to show you a macro and micro view of where to search for these clues in between the design building and the last shuttlecock. The poetic aspect is that you are engaged and participate in a storyline and mystery instead of a standard practical map from point A to point B. The other aspect of the term poetics is the micro context of the clues will make your trip more enjoyable, by taking your time to notice the details and beauty of the architecture, nature, and energy of the walk towards the shuttlecocks.

These images are revises from my 1st round of user testing, the issues I have were to show more of the context within the photos, clarity of the map, and more in-depth text based clues.

The format everyone seemed to like, it was a nice size, the interactive part of filling in letters/keeping track of your clues was another plus to further elaborate on a poetic experience and the aesthetics were spot on.

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