Monday, March 29, 2010

Typographic Conference: Activities

Beneath the Surface: TypeCon 2012 deals with multiple layering of messages, mirroring content, and structuring communication so that there is a clear progression from point A to point B of communicating two separate ideas.

Our conference will be structured this way:

Participants will arrive at the conference, and upon registration will be asked to choose 2 words from a pre-template list. The attendees will then use those two words throughout the conference in various workshops and reflect on those two words within different presentations.

Over this three day retreat, each day will consist of a new level of difficulty within workshops and intensity of lectures.

Day one will work strictly with experimenting form of your two words and trying to fuse them into one form whether it be 2 or 3 dimensional. Ambigram basics and 3D structureing workshops and lectures will be on this introductory day.

Day two will focus on materials and the best way to execute your multiple message experimentation.
Could transparencies or specific surfaces dictate my readability?

Day three will consider the real world application and creatively using your experiment within inventive contexts. Lectures on environmental signage and directional artifacts from leading marketing and advertisement professionals and statisticians. Workshops and demos on applying  your techniques to practical objects used everyday.

The third day will end with a reflection and gallery showing of all the attendees works and what you've accomplished.

Specifics to come soon...

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