Monday, March 8, 2010

Branding Comps01

After my research panels and semantic sheet, I've arrived at a short word list that sums up my audience and the essence of my Surface Cleaning product.


... the list goes on.

Being a household surface cleaner marketed towards the active, brawny man, I chose a few words that could work as a subtitle to ACME that could support the idea of a dominant, strong, possessive area of his household domain... TURF.

Turf to me signifies a protective and possessive piece of property that would be geared towards my target audience. I have the back up title of TAME, "Tame the Wild Indoors." I am going to ask a few novices their immediate responses to the term "TURF" and see if the title is still appropriate for the product and informs it respectively.

If all fails, I will go back to ACME SURFACE CLEANER, but I'm not giving up yet!!!
As far as my visual solution, so far, I have created the logo type and icon from hand; is my own original type. The subtitles are a mixture of Serifa, SF Republic, and Accidens. I figured they all had qualities of industrial strength and sleek masculine products. The image mask reveals whatever the specific surface material is. The stacked type and containment works well for an initial label, but I have done that several times before and will try to break that static containment to utilize more of the real estateof the package.
The color palette is black and another bright color to separate the differences within the product line.

In terms of a package that participates within the consumption of the product, I was thinking in terms of a sturdy and permanent hang tag label that acts as a handle/holster for the bottled products. This would give the label a practical function and also will be involved with the contents of the products until it runs out and needs to be recycled.

Humor, novice survey and user interaction is where I'm heading next.

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