Sunday, February 21, 2010

Experiment Part 6

So far I've learned through my questioning and experimenting that there are more and more techniques to tackle on this project, and also more mediums. From the critique last monday, the most useful comments I've got back to progress were: try some less blocky letters (if its appropriate), work with more wordplay, and see if you can get more that 2 letters out of 1 form.

So far I have discovered through sketching out options that user interaction might be an interesting approach to the same question, seeing if they can manipulate the letter forms and get a clear read from user experience. I've tried using more organic letter forms in contrast to the meaning of the message (see below). The "new and old" concept directly relates to the letter form speaking to the messages meaning; new in a san serif/curved letter form of the "n" and the rigid blocky form of the definition of "old."

I've also tried to see how color affects message with "Black & White." The narrative speaks louder and creates a second question of how can color and shape effect narrative within the multiple letters.
I've considered a side experiment of an interactive artifact that users can play with, but I am going to try and tackle these aspects for now: making 3 or 4 messages read out of 1 form, working with more organic letter forms or existing typefaces, and if staying with the same geometric grid idea, how about using triangles or circles to substitute for the rectangular current forms.

Here are some progress shots of what I've developed in sketching and in Google Sketch-up.

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  1. nice, man! you got on sketchup FAST! keep up the good work.