Saturday, February 13, 2010

Experiment Part 3

Here is what I've been working on so far. I've made two sets of alphabets that I think could help me with this project. The first is a refined block type that can be universally applied to a rectangular grid' I've been inspired by Escher's mathematic skills and have conformed to a 2:3 aspect ration-rectangle for each characters' size. I've worked digitally so far with the physics of placement of these letters in a diagonal pattern so that the relief or negative space (other letter) with be seen when the view is rotated 90 degrees. Its a bit of a departure from my last update, but I'm trying to find all the ways to tackle my question.

The second set is a modular character grid that can be manipulated to adhere to transparencies and make two messages read out of one form. This experiment failed due to the circular shapes and grid are too modular and similar to actually read as completely distinct letters.

I'm trying to work with two words that birthed from the essence of combining two messages into one form and vice-versa. I'm going to also try using just one word and make it read twice within the same form. "UNITE" and "DIVIDE"

I've also tried the lego experiment and it sort of works... I'm still playing with it.

Alphabet Set #1
Alphabet Set #2

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