Monday, February 1, 2010

Bicycle and Bike Tire Reference

My group and I have made some decent progress.
I've assembled some reference materials that include: diagramatic, stylization, instructional, color palette, etc.

I've been looking at a lot of manuals that give simplified and also drawn out detailed answers.
Ikea was one of the most gorgeously laid out instruction manuals I've seen yet. Having to broadcast their products in so many countries and languages, they have made all of their assembly manuals strictly illustrative to economically save paper realty on producing the same steps in so many different languages.
My color palettes range greatly and am still working on to see what fits a "practical" and yet intriguingly "athletic" personality. We are still all over the place with palette, but have narrowed in on an illustrative style that displays simplified forms to focus attention on the user's role in the process and also to highlight key actions and bicycle parts. I believe we have all decided that a photographic route would, although show a detailed account of whats going, distracts too much with a vast amount of information.

We as a team have decided to save our format and typographic information for our user testing phase and presentation. We have repeatedly gone through the narrative steps that we have written and have checked/modified our step-by-step instructions as we saw fit; is the shoes of an un-experienced user.

So far we have a layout, step-by-step narrative instruction, typographic palette and a focused illustrative approach. We'll have a palette and photographic reference by tomorrow... until then.

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