Thursday, November 5, 2009

Schematic of Communication Model

For my Communication model I started by looking for the 6 similarities within all communication models. I stripped them down to their bare essentials and found 6 and possibly 7 similarities, depending on everyone's interpretation of the 7th: Sender/encoder, Receiver/decoder, Message, Channel, Noise, Feedback, and possibly Source. I thought of the model in terms of an electronic circuit board. The switch or terminal is the Sender, this triggers a message of electronic data through wires (transmission channel), some nodes or handicapped wires act as Noise that can hinder or stop the message. From here the message reaches the Receiver (terminal or light bulb). The light bulb shines light which can act as Feedback through a visual channel, or the electronic signal or Message will continue through the signal back to the switch or terminal that is also considered Feedback.

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